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Be Prepared For Your Next Outing!

Notes to help you be prepared for up-coming events and meetings.
See also the campout packing list.

Scouts should check back here before each outing to see if there are any special considerations that they should be aware of.  Start with the packing list above, and don't forget the mess kit.


  • Overnight bag - Room for luggage will be tight. A soft overnight bag is recommended, and father/son pairs should consider sharing a single piece of luggage.
  • Day pack - Pack your day pack with those items you will need for the hike on Saturday.  Basically, you need a way to carry water, rain gear, and any extra snacks you want to bring.  Don't weigh yourself down with excess weight such as boxes of snacks or multiple cans of soda etc.  The day pack provides carrying capacity for shed layers if it warms up.
  • Class A Uniform -- To be worn on the trips down and back, to mass, and to meals. Includes neckerchief and scout pants.
  • A few extra snacksmaybe. Some will be provided with lunch, but it's a long time between lunch and dinner after mass on Saturday.  NOTE: Please avoid nut products.
  • Water bottle / canteen etc. -- check to see that they do not leak! DO NOT store full water bottles in packed luggage where they can leak on everybody's things! We'll fill them on Sat. morning.
  • Hiking shoes or boots -- please have a well broken-in pair and be sure your's still fit. NO snow boots. There are no ankle-turning rugged trails requiring high-end boots, but some places could be muddy where boots might be preferred to shoes.  It helps greatly to have whatever you wear already well broken in.  Many do with comfortable walking shoes.
  • Hiking socks - 2 pair - clean pair each day. SmartWool, Wigwam and other hiking socks are good.
  • Wick socks - 2 pair - 1 for each day. Some people like these thin nylon socks under the wool socks to help keeps moisture away from the feet.
  • Mole skin - a blister repair/prevention material available at Walgreens etc.
  • Gel-sole inserts are especially appreciated by some adults.
  • Compass/pocket knife - This is a good opportunity for young Scouts to get Second Class requirement #3b (5-mile hike w/ map & compass; the scoutmaster will provide the maps). Compass required for any Scouts doing the Compass Hike. Practically every Scout this year needs a compass.
  • Personal first aid kit.
  • Rain gear - this is a must. If the weather forecast is for steady rain, you should have a rain suit in addition to a poncho.  Academy Sports has good prices on rain suits, as does Walmart.
  • Baggies for your feet - in case of heavy rains, might help keep feet dry.
  • Pants - jeans or nylon or synthetic blends are good to hike in, loose fitting, not baggy -- avoid chafing. The nylon Scout pants actually are good for hiking, but you want to keep them clean for mass and for dinner and travel. No sweat pants -- rain will soak right through creating exposure to the elements. Dress in layers so you can peel off layers and apply as needed. Temperatures at Shiloh in February can range from well below freezing to the mid-70s.
  • Hat & gloves probably a must-have.
  • Sunscreen! We've had some bad burns at Shiloh on sunny February days. A broad-brimmed hat helps, too.
  • Swim suit -- optional. The hotel pool should be open, and time permitting, there will be supervised swimming in the indoor pool after all other business is completed Saturday evening.
  • Spending money - optional.  Scouts like to raid the quick stops where we fuel the vehicles.  There is a souvenir/book store in the park.
  • Sleeping bag - optional, if a Scout prefers the floor to sharing a bed with Dad (or with a buddy if in the unaccompanied room).  But note that space in the cars will be tight.


Before we leave you should check the weather for Savannah or Jackson, TN, and vicinity. Here are links to the right forecast from The Weather Channel, the National Weather ServiceThe Weather Underground, and AccuWeather.. Take your pick, and don't believe everything you read!

A weather radar map pinpointing the location of Shiloh is here. (Find the ⊕ on the right half of the image.)

 We travel in uniform.

  • Unless otherwise noted, we meet for departure on the St. Joseph parking lot at 6 p.m. on Friday for an ordinary weekend campout.
  •  We call home on Sunday when we know our exact arrival time back in Manchester; we return to the former Office Depot parking lot unless otherwise noted.

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