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2020-02- 09

There is a troop meeting on Monday, 2/17, at 7 pm.  Scouts, especially those not yet 1st Class, should bring their books to the meetings.  Those who haven't received their book at crossover yet, we're keeping track of what you've covered and will get the books caught up after crossover.

Our next court of honor is on March 23.  That is a special quarterly meeting at which we recognize our Scouts' participation and accomplishments.  There are 4 meetings remaining for rank advancement and completing any merit badges in progress in order to be recognized then.

We want to award all new members their Scout Rank at the court of honor.  For that to happen, in addition to coming to meetings they need to complete with a parent the pamphlet in the front of their Scout Handbook titled "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parents Guide".  Send a note to the Scoutmaster when that's been done.  They also need to have earned the Cyber Chip for their grade level.  If they've earned that already for grades 4-5 then they can show their Cyber Chip card, and we'll discuss troop policy on electronic devices.  If they haven't done that, we'll have to work it into an upcoming meeting.  We'll have the cards available.

We've often referred Scouts and parents to for quick online reference to rank and merit badge requirements and resources.  That site appears to have been down for a little while now.  Another very similar site is  Both sites are by volunteers, not by the BSA itself.  Of course the best source for requirements is the handbook and the individual merit badge books.

There are lots of reasons to come to summer camp with the troop the week of July 5-11 at Camp Gamble.  If you've received your credential card you can get registered by following the instructions in the packet.  If you haven't got your packet, get it at an upcoming meeting.  Any questions?  Contact Mrs. Jobgen.  Also, check out other opportunities separate from the troop.

Beginning this Wednesday, 2/19, Scouts who have paid at least 1/2 of their summer camp fee will be able to make their merit badge selections for camp.  We recommend discussing these choices with troop leadership first, especially younger Scouts.

ScoutFest 2020 registration is open.  We are being encouraged to get individuals registered sooner than later to secure properly sized campsites.  Cost of registration with the council for this unique experience is $40, not that much more than a regular weekend campout.  Please turn in an activity permission form along with the fee when your Scout can commit.  As this October event draws nearer and we decide what we're doing for food, we may need a bit more to cover that.  Parents, but not siblings, can camp with the troop.  Parents and non-registered siblings can register for the day activities.  Right now we're concerned about getting campers registered.  Lots of details are available at


National Youth Leadership Training camp is offered on five different weeks over the summer.  Scouts who are First Class rank and age 13+ should talk to the Scoutmaster about possibly attending.  Information at this link.  Note that the troop reimburses 1/2 the base registration fee upon successful completion of the course.  Development of good youth leaders is in the troop's interest!


Watch the council website for upcoming merit badge skill centers (left column).

Upcoming events

  • March Campout - March 20-22
  • Mystery Campout - April 17-19
  • Summer Camp - July 5-11
  • Justice National Scout Camp - July 19-25
  • ScoutFest 2020 - October 2-4
Turn in a new permission form for each event by the due date on the Forms page.

Medications should be in their original containers accompanied each outing with the troop's Medication Schedule form.  Send only what is needed for the outing.  Never skip medications meant to be taken regularly when on a Scout outing.

Health forms
must be updated every year. Please submit an updated and newly signed copy of Parts A & B for both youth and for participating adults along with a copy of the insurance card that will provide coverage in the coming year.  Part C with a physical examination will be required for summer camps and high-adventure outings.

BSA forms and detailed information can be found on the national council website at  Troop activty permission and medication schedule forms are on the troop's Forms page.



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