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15 September, 2019

There is a court of honor in the cafeteria on Monday, 9/16, at 7 pm to recognize our Scouts' advancement, achievements, and participation.  Forms and fees for the float trip campout are due.

Our float trip is this coming weekend, September 20-22.  We will camp at Onondoga State Park and float either the Meramec or Courtois near Leasburg, probably in rafts.  Partipicants must be BSA Swimmers.  The fee will be slightly above the normal weekend outing with the troop covering the remainder of the extra cost of the float from our past fundraisers.  Adults, however, will not be free due to that extra cost.  Forms and fees will be due on 9/16.

We are again participating in an Honor Flight[*] reception on October 1st, a Tuesday evening.  We will be part of an honor guard welcoming veterans home after a special trip to Washinging, DC.  Details will be provided at the court of honor.

The district Fall Camporee is our campout for October, 10/11-13.  It will be at Camp Vandeventer near Waterloo IL and will have a STEM theme with lots of activities that we haven't done before.  This event has extra cost to the troop, but the committee decided to collect the usual weekend campout fee, but there will be no brother discount.  Registration will be due by Sept. 30.

Our traditional fall fund raiser of wreath sales is kicking off.  We rely on all families' participation to provide crucial funding for our program.  Good fund raising last year let us absorb a significant cost for trailer maintenance in addition to maintaining our equipment, providing advancements and recognition, etc.  Information and materials will be provided at the court of honor.


Watch the council website for upcoming merit badge skill centers (left column) including upcoming Fishing & Fly Fishing.

Upcoming events

  • Float trip campout - September 20-22 @ Onondaga State Park
  • Fall Camporee - October 11-13 @ Beaumont
  • Fishing campout - November 8-10
  • Scouting for Food distribution - November 9
  • Scouting for Food pick-up - November 16
Turn in a new permission form for each event by the due date on the Forms page.

Medications should be in their original containers accompanied each outing with the troop's Medication Schedule form.  Send only what is needed for the outing.  Never skip medications meant to be taken regularly when on a Scout outing.

Health forms
must be updated every year. Please submit an updated and newly signed copy of Parts A & B for both youth and for participating adults along with a copy of the insurance card that will provide coverage in the coming year.  Part C with a physical examination will be required for summer camps and high-adventure outings.

BSA forms and detailed information can be found on the national council website at  Troop activty permission and medication schedule forms are on the troop's Forms page.



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